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Tick Control

Ticks are not just a nuisance - they readily spread diseases to our pets.  In this area of the country we are seeing five different diseases spread by ticks: Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Babesiosis.  Checking your pets for the presence of ticks is not an adequate form of tick control.  Many of our pets develop a tick borne disease and their owners were not even aware of the presence of any ticks.

There are many products that claim to control ticks.  Many of the products will kill/repel some ticks, but trying to control all ticks is a real challenge.  Please choose carefully!


1.   Revolution - used once a month as a topical liquid applied on the nape of the neck, this product will kill some of the ticks that will get on your dog. This product is marketed by the Pfizer Corporation. They are strongly suggesting the concurrent use of a very special Tick Collar, called a Preventic Collar. Used together, this is a very effective combination.

2.   Preventic Collar - This collar is for dogs only. It is worn around the neck, preferably under your dog's regular collar. It should be changed every 90 days. This product will be given to you for free when purchasing Revolution from us. We feel that the concurrent use of both Revolution and the Preventic Collar is essential for good tick control.

3.   Frontline Plus - This is a great flea product, but it only seems to last about three weeks for ticks. So, if this is the product that you choose to use, then you will need to apply this product every three weeks or purchase the Preventic Collars to use with the Frontline.

4.   Vectra 3D - This is a great product for dogs. It will last a full four weeks for both Flea and Tick Control. At present, it is our best product for Tick Control in Dogs. It is a small amount of liquid applied along the back once a month.

5.   Certifect - This is a new product by the makers of Frontline Plus. It has the exact same flea control system as Frontline, but it has enhanced killing of all species of ticks. This product begins killing Ticks within 6 hours and will continue to kill new ticks for a much longer period of time than Frontline Plus. For our clients that are having problems with tick control, this is now our number one choice. It is for dogs only. Cats are safe in the house, as long as you allow the product to dry on your dog's coat before allowing your cats to be with the dog.