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Flea Control

Did you know that the fleas that you see on your pet account for about 5% of the problem! That is why you need a Flea Control Program, rather than just a product to kill the fleas on your pet.

Because of this long life cycle (about 3-4 weeks), and because three out of the four stages of the flea's life cycle exist off of your pet, you should not be concerned with a fast killing flea product - instead, you want efficiency.  If one flea survives and is capable of producing viable eggs, then your flea control program has failed.


Revolution - This product is a small amount of liquid that is applied at the nape of the neck, once a month. Within two hours, this safe drug has been absorbed into your pet's system and starts killing the fleas. Within 24-36 hours, all of the fleas will be dead. Revolution will then continue to kill any new fleas that jump onto your pet for the next month. Additionally, if any fleas live long enough to produce eggs, those eggs will never hatch! Any flea droppings that are produced will also be toxic to any larva in the environment that may be feeding. By killing off three out of the four stages, Revolution very efficiently gets a problem under control (or stops a problem from occurring in the first place).  Additional benefits of Revolution - kills many ticks, effectively prevents Heartworm Disease in both dogs and cats, kills and prevents ear mites, and will keep intestinal parasites under control. 

Frontline Plus - Another excellent product for flea control.  This drug works similarly to Revolution. One difference is that Frontline Plus does not enter the body - it stays on the surface of the skin.  Applied topically, once a month, this drug is a good choice for flea control, but will not last the full month for Tick Control.  Please see the section below discussing Tick Control.

Vectra 3D - This is a new product that will last a full month for both Flea and Tick control.  At present it is our number one recommendation for both flea and tick control in dogs.

Certifect - This is a new product by the makers of Frontline Plus. It has the exact same flea control system as Frontline, but it has enhanced killing of all species of ticks. This product begins killing Ticks within 6 hours and will continue to kill new ticks for a much longer period of time than Frontline Plus. For our clients that are having problems with tick control, this is now our number one choice. It is for dogs only. Cats are safe in the house, as long as you allow the product to dry on your dog's coat before allowing your cats to be with the dog.

These are the ONLY products that we are recommending at present.  There are specific reasons why other products are NOT recommended by us - most of these other products either lack efficacy or are more toxic, or perhaps just do not last long enough.  Please feel free to discuss any questions with members of our staff.